Kevin Casey - Cedar Falls, Iowa
Artist's Statement
Coalesce is an abstract stainless steel sculpture. This piece focuses on dynamics and materials. The movement and shape of this sculpture create an organic feeling, while the hard edges and steely finish relate to the synthetic nature of the piece. My goal while designing and fabricating Coalesce was to stretch and twist the material to its limit in order to create a dynamic sculpture. 
Artist's Bio
I was raised on a farm near the town of Cascade, Iowa. I have always enjoyed going out to the barn or machine shed and working on things. Perhaps the hands-on nature of being on a farm is what led to my interest in sculpture. Being from a small town did not allow for much exposure to the fine arts. Until my second year in college, I had not even considered doing art of any kind. I recently graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in graphic design, but sculpture has become my real passion. There is no better feeling than going to the sculpture lab at the end of the day and working on my next project. 

Sale price - $7,500

16 gauge stainless steel, 3/8" stainless steel