Green Piece

Nathan S. Pierce – Cape Girardeau, MO

Artist’s Statement
Dealing with issues of communication in my own life I have realized this is a struggle that many of us encounter. As I think about the idea of communication, I realize that I can internalize this issue, or make it as broad as the world around me. How can we better communicate ourselves to the world? That is the question.

Artist’s Bio
His work has always dealt with the conflicts of confinement and freedom and exploring the catalyst between the two: building or destroying communication. The materials and process of his work are directly influenced by experience. He comes from a mid-west blue collar family that has been in the construction business for generations. The idea to create sculpture from those same materials seemed natural and permanent. His decision to utilize the benefits of structure steel in his work comes from being inspired by the fabrication process. He enjoys the dedication and commitment that is required with this material because it helps build character.

His work has been displayed extensively in juried exhibitions and outdoor sculpture programs across the Midwest, including The Chicago Sculpture Exhibit, SPACES Sculpture Invitational in Huntsville Alabama, and the recipient of the 2013 Lewis C. Weinberg Award at the Skokie North Shore Sculpture Park.

Sale Price - $6,000

3/16” structural steel painted with industrial epoxy
175 lbs.

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