Job Postings - Internal Only

Internal Job Postings - Current

There are no internal postings at this time.  Please check back again.

How to Apply
Internal Only positions will not be posted on the City of Dubuque website.  They will only be viewable on CODI.  Therefore, to apply for an internal job opening (available only to City of Dubuque employees), please see the following instructions: 

General Positions not requiring an examination - the process will begin at our employment home page.  Because it is internal only, you will not see the actual position posted.  Complete your application profile and submit it to the generic position of “No Job Specified”.  Then contact the Personnel Office to convert your application to the correct position.  Complete instructions for this process are on the employment homepage of the City of Dubuque website.

Civil Service Positions requiring an examination - there will be two links posted on CODI - one for the actual job posting and one for the Civil Service Application.  To register to take the examination, choose the link provided for the "Civil Service Application", which will open a PDF of the document.  Print, complete and return this document to the Personnel Office by the specified deadline.  Note: if you pass the examination, you will then be given instructions on how to submit an electronic application for that position.  

Vacancy Notice (no test) - these notices are directed to current city civil service employees only and are required by Iowa Civil Service Law.  Their purpose is to notify current city employees that a vacancy has occurred for the specified position and applications will now be reviewed and interviews conducted.  They are directed solely to current civil service employees within the City of Dubuque who have been, or are currently in, the specified position, in a civil service capacity.  These notices can be very confusing.  To sum it up, if you are a current city employee who has taken the most recent examination and are on the current civil service list for the position, you do not need to do anything.  If you are not already on the list and fit the above criteria, please contact the Personnel Office to have your name added to the list.

Please contact the Personnel Office at or 563-589-4125 with any questions.