Lower Bee Branch Creek Fish Assessment

On June 24, 2014, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources conducted a fish assessment in the Lower Bee Branch Creek. The stream segment contained 14 species of native fish and one non-native species which was the common carp.

All fish species found in the sample were common to Northeast Iowa in the downstream extent of Mississippi River tributary streams. Several species in the sample were considered game species and have significant recreational value including the following: bluegill, largemouth bass, northern pike, pumpkinseed, and yellow perch. Given the newness of the stream segment, the DNR considered the sample containing 14 native species a mark of success for the project.

They collected bluegill at a rate of 209 fish per hour, a moderately high capture rate for bluegill. This suggests that bluegill were present in the project area at a significant density, but most bluegill were less than 6 inches. They collected two predator species: largemouth bass and northern pike. The density of those species was low as suggested by an electrofishing capture rate of less than 25 fish per hour. Overall, the data showed that Lower Bee Branch provides modest fishing opportunities in the Dubuque Metro area.

Bluegill Summary

Fish Size in Inches
Number Sampled
Bluegill 2-3"
Bluegill 4-5" 71
Bluegill 6-7" 17

Largemouth Bass Summary

Fish Size in Inches
Number Sampled
Largemouth Bass 7-9" 4
Largemouth Bass 10-12" 4
Largemouth Bass 12-15" 3

Northern Pike Summary

Fish Size in Inches
Number Sampled
Northern Pike 11-15" 0
Northern Pike 16-20" 0
Northern Pike 21-25" 3

Yellow Perch Summary

Fish Size in Inches
Number Sampled
Yellow Perch 3-4" 1
Yellow Perch 5-6" 3
Yellow Perch 7-8" 3

Game Fish Summary

Sampled Fish
Caught Per Hour of Electrofishing
Bluegill 209 
Largemouth Bass 21
Northern Pike 5
Yellow Perch 12
Click here to see the Iowa DNR's complete fish assessment report.