Curbside Collection

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Trash and Recycling Services

The City of Dubuque’s offers curbside collection services to all single-family through six-plex multi-family households within the city limits.The curbside collection program includes refuse (trash) collection, recyclables collection, food scrap collection, large item pick-up, and yard waste collection.  

View an informational brochure, including acceptable materials and pricing.

Ver el folleto sobre los servicios de basura y reciclaje de la ciudad, incluyendo los materiales aceptables para reciclado y los precios en español.

Jibed ki in nan am maron lo pepa in komlele eo an city ikijen kopej im kilen ejjolok kopej, ta ko rej maron bar ukok nan bar kojerbali im ta ko rej aikuj likkun erom kopej.

Reminder: Trash must be set out to the curb or alley line by 6:00 a.m. on the schedule collection day, except as changed by holidays. Holiday collection schedules are available using the REThink Waste DBQ tool. Containers must not be out more than 24 hours prior the collection day or left out more than 24 hours after collection day. 

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View the Curbside Collection Map to see the daily collection routes.

Glass Drop-Off Recycling

The Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency (DMASWA) is sponsoring two drop-off stations to provide access to Dubuque County residents for glass recycling. Glass should not go into your recycling bin or tipper cart.  Purple containers are available at:

  • The DMASWA Landfill Facility at 101 Airborne Rd. (formerly 14501 HWY 20 West, now accessed by a frontage road.)
  • The City of Dubuque Municipal Services Center at 925 Kerper Ct. 
  • Hy-Vee in Asbury Plaza (off the NW Arterial)

The following types of glass may be dropped off for recycling in the purple containers:

  • Rinsed glass food and beverage containers (all colors, labels may stay on)
  • Drinking vessels (pint, wine, mason jars)
  • Candle jars (leftover wax is okay)
  • Cosmetic bottles/jars

Electronics Recycling

The City offers residential customers the option to schedule curbside collection of a variety of electronics items through our large item pick-up service.  Information on acceptable and unacceptable items, pricing, and scheduling instructions.

Residents are still able to drop off electronics for recycling at Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency (landfill) at 101 Airborne Rd. (formerly 14501 HWY 20 West, now accessed by a frontage road) for $15 per screen. Other non-screen electronics and accessories may be dropped off at no charge.

Paint Disposal

Latex paint can be dried by stirring cat litter, dirt or sand into the can to dry it out. You can also pour it onto a piece of cardboard and let it dry. Once the can is completely dry, leave the lid off and place it in your refuse container or bag.

Household Hazardous Materials

The DMASWA offers safe disposal of household hazardous materials through its Regional Collection Center (RCC) for Dubuque and Delaware county residents. The RCC is open from April through October. Latex paint, spray paints, strippers, thinners, antifreeze, and cleaners should be used up or stored safely if the RCC is not open. Visit their website or contact the DMASWA Education Coordinator Bev Wagner at 563-588-7933. For more information about the RCC call 563-557-8220.

Gasoline Disposal

Never dispose of gasoline by pouring it onto the ground or into a sewer, street drain, stream or other water body, or putting it into the trash. These actions are environmentally harmful and may result in a fire, explosion, or soil, surface or groundwater contamination. Fines and criminal penalties may be associated with improper disposal. Contact the DMASWA for instructions on disposing of old gasoline. 

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