Plumbing Permit Application

Plumbing permits are issued for a variety of plumbing work for new construction, alterations, and repairs to residential and commercial properties for all interior and exterior plumbing work. The plumbing inspector provides assistance during the initial application process, plan review stage, and continues with field inspections until final inspection is complete ensuring all work meets minimum code requirements.

City of Dubuque Plumbing Inspector:
Jason Mouring

Plumbing Permit Application & Fees

(FOG) Fats, Oils and Grease Program (Grease Interceptor Permit Process)

The Building Services Department is responsible for issuing Plumbing Permits for the installation or replacement of both hydro-mechanical and gravity grease interceptors. All food establishment owners, plumbers, or designers must fill out the grease interceptor checklist form and submit to the Building Services Department for review prior to performing any work. The plumbing inspector will review the submitted check list form and upon approval the grease interceptor permit will be issued and work may begin.