Curbside Recycling


The City offers unlimited curbside recycling at no charge to city customers. Acceptable materials are set out in bins and/or bundled. The bins and any bundled materials may not weight over 40 pounds each. No plastic bags accepted. Please recycle them at many local operating retailers.

How can I request a recycling bin?

Recycling bins are provided at no charge if you are a City of Dubuque solid waste customer. To request a bin and/or additional recycling bins, contact the Public Works Department at 563.589.4250 or submit a service request

Bundled or boxed materials set outside the bin must not exceed three feet in length and bins and bundles cannot weigh more than 40 pounds each. 

Acceptable Materials

Plastics coded #1 - #5, clean metal such as pots, pans, stainless steel, cans, clean aluminum foil, metal lids, copper, brass, and aluminum, yogurt cups, microwave trays (no black), plastic (#2 or #5) flower pots, hard cover books, newspapers, office paper, magazines, paperback books, catalogs, clean pizza boxes, pop and beer boxes, envelopes, junk mail, paper bags, office paper, cardboard, tissue roll cores, shoe boxes, phone books, cereal boxes, paper egg cartons, shredded/cross-cut paper strips, plus many more materials noted in the brochure.

Unacceptable Materials

Materials that cannot be recycled include: glass*, any plastic without a number inside the recycling symbol, plastics coded #6, or #7, plastic egg cartons, plastic bags and film wrap, toys, waxed paper milk and juice cartons, food-encrusted pizza boxes, styrofoam, diapers, wax or plastic-coated frozen food boxes, dirty paper plates, laundry baskets, storage containers, syringes and needles, orange prescription bottles, unsanitary containers, paint and chemical cans, aerosol cans, oil filters, and batteries. 

*Glass drop-off recycling details

Trash & Recycling Brochure

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Electronics Recycling

The City of Dubuque has expanded its large item collection program to offer residential customers the option to schedule curbside collection of a wide variety of electronics items.

The Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency also publishes a biannual guide to recycling and reuse in the Dubuque area. Obtain an electronic copy of the guide on the DMASWA website.