Imagine Dubuque

Dubuque’s new comprehensive plan, "Imagine Dubuque 2037: A Call to Action," was adopted following a year of community engagement that gathered over 12,500 ideas from more than 6,000 residents and stakeholders. The plan serves as a policy guide for the community’s physical, social, and economic development. Implementation of the plan recommendations will rely on community participation, partnerships, and collaboration with residents and organizations. This is a call to action! The goal is to create a more viable, livable, and equitable community.

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It is hoped that you will heed this Call to Action.  It is your responsibility to develop the action steps, create the strategies for success, and be inclusive in your efforts to make your community sustainable and resilient.  These are your ideas and you have the opportunity to participate in moving them forward. 

View the 2017 Comprehensive Plan below and keep these questions in mind:

  • Which recommendations are you interested in? (Recommendations from each chapter are listed and summarized in Chapter 10: A Call to Action)
  • What information and recommendations apply to you as an individual? As an organization?
  • Can you commit to one recommendation that you and/or your organization can work on?
  • Who else is working on that/those recommendations? Identify and note potential partners.
  • What are you working on to advance any of these recommendations? Seek out the people and organizations that share your interests!

Click the images below to download the Entire Document, the Executive Summary, or Individual Chapters. 

Entire Document

2017 Comprehensive Plan: Entire Document

Executive Summary

2017 Comprehensive Plan: Executive Summary


2017 Comprehensive Plan: Introduction

Community Engagement

2017 Comprehensive Plan: Community Engagement

Economic Prosperity

2017 Comprehensive Plan: Economic Prosperity

Environmental Integrity

2017 Comprehensive Plan: Environmental Integrity

Social + Cultural Vibrancy

2017 Comprehensive Plan: Social + Cultural Vibrancy


2017 Comprehensive Plan: Housing

Community Facilities

2017 Comprehensive Plan: Community Facilities

Transportation + Mobility

2017 Comprehensive Plan: Transportation + Mobility

Land Use

2017 Comprehensive Plan: Land Use

A Call to Action

2017 Comprehensive Plan: A Call to Action


2017 Comprehensive Plan: Appendix
Visit and learn more about the Imagine Dubuque campaign.