Scott Wallace

- Hendricks, Minnesota

Artist's Statement

Domesticator is inspired by a long relationship with a loving domestic pet. The focus of my studio work is primarily involvement in the development, production, exhibition and permanence of large-scale public sculptures.

Artist's Bio

Originally from Illinois, Andrew now resides and maintains a studio in rural southwest Minnesota near the South Dakota border. He also is a Professor of Art at South Dakota State University. The focus of his studio work is involvement in the development, production, exhibition and permanent siting of large-scale public sculpture. Some of his large-scale outdoor work has been exhibited and/or is permanently installed in TX, AZ, IL, MN, WI, IA, SD, FL, NC, TN and VA. He recently completed a large-scale bronze and pre-cast concrete commission, entitled “Oasis”, scheduled to be exhibited at the South Dakota State Art Museum in Brookings SD.

Sales information
Price - $36,000
Material and construction - The bronze sculpture is composed of two cast bronze elements welded together atop, a fabricated sheet bronze form and are secured to the pre-cast concrete pedestal with 3 - 3/4" stainless steel bolts.
The sheet bronze used is 1/8" thick.
Dimensions - 3ft (W) x 10ft2in (H) x 3ft (D)
Weight - 900 lbs