Neighborhood Mediation

The mission of neighborhood mediation is to solve tenant and landlord, neighborhood, and race-related disputes through mediation before problems escalate and negatively impact a neighborhood. Most cases are related to everyday disputes between neighbors: arguments over dogs, parking, children, and property. Cases of employment or private family matters are not handled. Disputes must originate in the official city limits of Dubuque and/or one of the disputants must have official residence within the City limits of Dubuque.

Additionally, mediation offered is distinct from mediation that is offered as part of a formal discrimination complaint filed with the Human Rights Commission. If the issue in a particular case appears to be covered by the City's anti-discrimination ordinance, then the case will be referred to the formal complaint process.

To Request Mediation

In order to request mediation, please call our office at 563-589-4190 or fill out an online form here: Mediation Request