Juice Box


Kevin Casey - Waterloo, Iowa

Artist's Statement

‘Juice Box’ is a steel sculpture modeled after an outdated steel gas can I found on the farm. I wanted to make it to exact scale with details as close as possible to the real object. The crushed final product is a commentary on how wasteful mankind has become. Mankind’s use of oil and other natural resources have become much like that of an empty juice box in a child’s hand, crushed and thrown away.

Artist's Bio

Kevin was raised on a farm near the town of Cascade, Iowa. He always enjoyed going to the barn or machine shed to work on things. Perhaps, the hands-on nature of being on a farm is what led to his interest in sculpture. Small town living did not allow for much exposure fine arts. Until his second year at college, he had not considered doing art of any kind. He currently works as a professional web designer, but sculpture is his real passion. He relishes the feeling of going to the studio at the end of the day and working on his next project. Casey has had work exhibited in Dubuque, Clive, Urbandale, Ames, as well as Madison, WI, and Macomb, IL.

20 ga Steel • 16 ga Steel
W x H x D
3' 8" x 6' 8" x 2'
Approx. 130 lb