Diversity Love

3/16" and 1/4" Mild steel plates •  Baked powder coat finish 
W x H x D
7' each in height
200 lbs each

Gail Chavenelle - Dubuque, Iowa

Artist Statement

Diversity Love celebrates our country's and Dubuque’s embrace of diversity in race, religion and ethnicity. Dogs and Cats are traditionally viewed as adversaries but in Diversity Love, they are visually joined, and unified by the color red. Both have a heart symbolizing love and respect for each other’s differences. Diversity Love is whimsical and appealing for viewers of all ages. The Pup is convex while the cat's body is a concave. This minimal design continues to explore a sheet of metal like a permanent sheet of paper.

Artist Bio 

Gail Chavenelle is known for her stylized figure sculptures in steel where she translates its harsh edges into smooth lines, curves, volume and movement. Gail practices eco-friendliness by minimizing waste as part of every design and eliminates hazardous materials. She has worked from 22 gauge sheet steel to 1/4 inch for larger sculpture. Her forms have been used in street exhibits, stand alone wall art, neighborhood parks, and even in roof top gardens. Gail’s designs have real flexibility and can be displayed both inside or outside. She has experience in both private and public projects for corporate spaces and community spaces alike. Her public sculptures are part of municipal permanent collections. Gail has a thriving Internet business, is represented in Galleries/Shops nationwide and collected internationally