Letting Go


Judd Nelson - Wayzata, Minnesota

Artist statement

My sculptures are modern yet representational. The style is fluid and spontaneous, intent upon capturing movement and natural gestures that are typical of the animal or person. My goal is to have the viewer instinctually recognize the figure and feel its movement while seeing the metal for what it is, hot, molten, jagged, and twisted pieces of steel. In this sculpture the young lady is releasing a dove. I believe that it is through the acts of forgiveness and gratitude we are able to truly let go.

Artist Bio

Judd grew up in Minnesota and loved being in the outdoors. He constantly immersed himself in nature. He started welding in my high school art class at age 15 and 2 years later ,had his own set of welding tanks. At age 17 he was accepted into my first juried state art show. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with an art education degree with a major emphasis on metal sculpture. Out of college he taught art on a Sioux Indian Reservation in So. Dakota and later in the public schools in Boise Idaho. He still enjoys teaching and for the last few years he has been teaching metal sculpture at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts. He spends the summers in Grand Marais at his sculpture studio and teaches metal workshops for the Art Colony. For 14 years he worked for Hometime, a national public television show both in front of and behind the camera as their lead builder.

16 ga steel
W x H x D
24" x 66" x 32"
220 lbs