Harbinger, White Guide

1/8" walled steel tubing • 14ga steel • Patina • Steel armature • Cedar Wood
 W x H x D
8' x 13.3' x 4'
1,000 lbs

Jeremy Rudd - Dyersville, Iowa

Artist Statement

My objects manifest personal experiences, and through metaphors and narrative, I translate my discoveries to strive for some elemental truths to share. In this artwork I have blended my experiences as a liturgical artist with my desire to understand human nature and our place in a domesticated culture and landscape. My objects draw from the forms and methods of spiritual and religious art as well as sculptural abstraction while integrating my own symbols, metaphors, and narratives. The result is deeply layered images expressing ideas about regionalism and environment as well as human spirit and nature in a domesticated world. “Harbinger” speaks to these themes directly. A symbol of the human spirit the Bison is a manifestation of wild nature who through its precarious and contrived conveyance is steadily carried away. The oars add to the surreal and altar-like quality while referencing both Native American and Norse burial pyres.

Artist Bio

I am an artist, designer, and educator living in Northeast Iowa. A native, I grew up in rural Benton County and attended Iowa State University, receiving a BFA in visual Studies with an emphasis on Three Dimensional Design. I completed my Master of Fine Arts at the CVPA of The University of Massachusetts, at Dartmouth, in 2005. I was an instructor of fine arts for four years at Lasell College, Boston MA and Bristol Community College, Fall River MA. Since returning to the Midwest in 2008, I have taught as the Assistant Professor of Art for Divine Word College in Epworth, IA. Recent exhibitions include, Art on the River 2015, Dubuque IA, Monona Terrace Art On the Rooftop 2015, Madison WI, DeadWest, “Place and Identity” 2015, Fort Worth TX, and The 48th Annual Clay, Fiber, Paper, Glass, Metal, Wood Juried Exhibition, 2016, Octagon Center for the Arts, Ames, IA. I was the visiting Artists and Juror for the Iowa State University College of Designs 2015 BFA exhibition.

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