Giving Level: $49,999 - $25,000

For donations of $49,999 to $25,000, an amenity will be described as supported by the donor. These donors will be recognized at the amenity. A 12” x 12” cast aluminum plaque will be attached to the amenity or on a nearby limestone pillar.


Sycamore St Bridge / $25,000 - Lower Bee Branch

16th St Bridge / $25,000 - Lower Bee Branch

The Sycamore St. and 16th St. bridges cross the lower portion of the creek and are used by residents and visitors as they travel to and from Dubuque's Industrial Park or the neighboring state of Wisconsin. 

E 22nd St Bridge / $25,000 - Upper Bee Branch

Rhomberg Ave Bridge / $25,000 - Upper Bee Branch

The 22nd St. and Rhomberg Ave. bridges cross the upper portion of the creek and are traveled frequently by North End residents and by those visiting attractions such as Eagle Point Park and Lock and Dam No. 11.

Bee Branch Prairie Grassland  /  $25,000

The Bee Branch Prairie Grassland stretches along the west side of the creek between Rhomberg and Garfield Avenues. Native plants were strategically used to help manage rainfall and to diversify the landscape. Species include black-eyed susans, purple coneflowers, prairie blazing star, cardinal flowers, and many others. Restoring native prairie attracts songbirds, dragonflies, hummingbirds, butterflies, and other desirable species. The plants also have tremendous root structures that add organic matter to the soil and increase infiltration.

For more information or to make a gift, call (563) 690-6068.