Giving Level: $24,999 to $10,000

For donations of $10,000 to $24,999, an amenity will be described as supported by the donor. These donors will be recognized at the amenity. A 8” x 10” cast aluminum plaque will be attached to the amenity or on a nearby limestone pillar.


24th St Trailhead / $20,000

The trailhead greets visitors to the Bee Branch Creek Greenway as they enter or exit the park at 24th St. where the Heritage Trail and Bee Branch Trail meet.

22nd St Information Station / $20,000

The 22nd St. information station serves as a stop for The Jule fixed-route bus service. It also features an electronic message board with information about the creek, upcoming greenway events, watershed stewardship, Bee Branch Creek safety, and more.

Flag Tribute Area / $15,000 Each / 4 Available

Four flag tribute areas are located along the Bee Branch Creek Greenway. The American Flag, Iowa of State Flag, and City of Dubuque Flag are displayed at the 24th St. Trailhead, near the 22nd St. Information Station, and at Rhomberg Ave. and Garfield Ave.

Greenway Landing / $15,000

Connected to the larger 24th St. Overlook, the smaller Greenway Landing also provides a scenic view of the restored creek and beautiful linear park.

Creekside Amphitheater / $10,000

Located adjacent to Audubon Elementary School and along the national Mississippi River Trail through Dubuque, the Creekside Amphitheater serves as an outdoor classroom and a comfortable location for neighborhood gatherings with family and friends.

Water's Edge Trail / $10,000

This Water's Edge Trail gets you near the water. It provides accessibility for all to enjoy the sights and sounds of Bee Branch Creek.
Mississippi River Trail Connection

Mississippi River Trail Connection / $10,000

The multi-use 4,500 ft. trail runs along the east side of the creek and connects the 26-mile Heritage Trail between Dubuque and Dyersville (IA) to the Mississippi River and Mines of Spain trail systems.

Eagles watch Audubon overlook / $10,000

A popular spot along the Mississippi Flyway, many have spotted eagles at the 16th Street Detention Basin. Stop at the overlook to enjoy the natural beauty and watch the wildlife. Complete with benches and lighting, the pavilion is the perfect shady spot to enjoy a book, yoga, or ice cream treat.

Floating Island System / $10,000

The system consists of 14 man-made islands that are planted with aquatic vegetation and anchored to the bottom of the creek. The floating islands provide wildlife habitat increasing biodiversity while their large root systems pull nutrients out of the water improving water quality.

Bioswale Boardwalk / $10,000

Walk above perennial flowers and prairie grass on the bioswale boardwalk. There are two entrances along the trail which come to a point overlooking the Bee Branch Creek providing a beautiful view of the greenway.

For more information or to make a gift, call (563) 690-6068.