Nature's Quintet

Nature's Quintet

Artist: Stephanie Sailer

City/state: Waterloo, IA

Sculpture: Nature's Quintet

Artist statement: Nature’s Quintet is based on the Columbine Flower, native to the Midwest.  The enlarged petal forms create a simplistic, other-worldly beauty.  Their entangled, arching forms remind us of the petals’ movement in the wind.  Even though the sculpture is made from metal, you can almost feel them fluttering and swaying when pushed by the breeze.  The harmonious relationship between each petal mirrors the delicate movements in music, each part positioned in tandem with each other. 

While dancing on the wind…they sing…

Artist bio

With my art, I aim to enlarge the small, simplistic beauty all around us.  I am seductively drawn to organic forms found in the natural world, including seed pods, flower forms, and sea creatures.  Typically, these forms are either too small to be seen daily or are located far from our reach.  By enlarging them, we are able to appreciate their beauty, but also their inherent alien-like quality.  For just a moment, we are able to witness their awkward charm in our larger world. 

Material: painted steel

Dimensions: 4 ft. x 7 ft x 4 ft 300 lbs