Artist: Keven Brunett

City/State: Amherst Junction, WI

Sculpture: Mobi

Artist Statement:

The images are of a maquette for a collective group of 8 moving “weathervanes” that create the shape of a Mobius strip when they all align in the same direction. It is a symbolic image of infinity. It’s cool like an M.C. Ecsher drawing or an optical illusion. The design will also have short phrases and graphic images cut out from the metal. The relatively small scale of this cut out text would require close inspection and it engage the people who take time to exam it more closely. A good prevailing wind will point all the vanes in the same direction and reveal the 2d/3d form of the Mobius strip but the vanes will also be reacting to subtle changes in the air and moving mercurially. The kinetic Mobius strip can engage viewers from a great distance on the Riverwalk.

Artist Bio

I received an MFA in Sculpture from U.W. Madison. I have taught sculpture and foundation classes at multiple programs in Wisconsin. I have primarily taught at U.W. Stevens Point, were my collaborative partner Kristin Thielking is a tenured professor.  We have work with a variety of materials but with a focus in glass with cast and fabricated metal. We have designed and produced numerous large-scale private and public art projects, including: Wisconsin Percent for Arts commission, Marshfield Clinic, Wisconsin, Magee-Gerrer Museum of Art in Oklahoma, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Weschester, NY, and Olbrich Botanical Garden, Madison, WI.

We believe that public art has the ability to create identity, captivate, inspire and foster community. Our work is dynamic and prominent from a distance but also offers a secondary, more contemplative and intimate viewing experience upon closer inspection and often includes kinetic action or viewer participation.

Material: Laser cut aluminum, aluminum pipe, paint

Dimensions: 16 ft x 14 ft x 4 ft