Rogue: Sprung

Rogue: Sprung

Name: Jeremy Rudd

City/State: Dyersville, IA

Sculpture: Rogue: Sprung

Artist Statement: 

As an artist living and working in the Driftless region of Iowa my work is inherently influenced by the landscape of the region.  The work submitted captures some of the forms of land in its long curving elements.   It embraces the wild untamed nature that is a hallmark of the Driftless area which is not easily bridled but inherently wild and dynamic. “Sprung: the chase” features a pair of golden hares darting over an abstract landscape.  The hares represent our desires and urges so often put aside for more practical pursuits.   These golden opportunities are playfully racing around a never ending brier, elusive and fleeting.

Artist Bio

Jeremy Rudd is an artist and designer working in Northeast Iowa.  A native, growing up in rural Benton County he attended Iowa State University, receiving a BFA in visual Studies with an emphasis on Three Dimensional Design.  He completed his Master of Fine Arts in sculpture at the College of Visual and Performing Arts of The University of Massachusetts, at Dartmouth, in 2005.  Jeremy was an instructor of fine arts for 15 years.  Since returning to the Midwest in 2008 Jeremy has operated his Studio, Jeremy Rudd Art and Design, completing many commissions both public and private, ranging from furniture to large scale sculptural projects. 

Material: steel plate and resin cast piece

Dimensions: 84" x 96" x 30" 200 lbs