Arts & Business Academy: No Starving Artist Allowed! 


Arts & Business Academy 2018

The City of Dubuque Department of Economic Development and the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs hosts its 3rd Annual Business of the Arts event. We are proud to facilitate this event in conjunction with our sponsors Startup Dubuque, Northeast Iowa Community College, the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce, Travel Dubuque and Gigantic and in partnership with our growing list of  community partners in the arts non-profit, business and creative field. 

Title of Presentation:
No Starving Artist Allowed!

This year’s luncheon keynote speaker and academy lecturer is Stephanie Pruitt, chairperson elect of the Arts and Business Council of Greater Nashville, a TEDx presenter on the subject of arts and business, and a member of the TEDx Board of Directors. Pruitt holds a master’s degree in fine art, creative writing from Vanderbilt University, is a published author, and founder of No Starving Artist Academy where she coaches artists and creatives in the business of the arts. “I am an artist at heart with the strategic mind and grit of an entrepreneur,” she says. The Business of the Arts Academy at The Smokestack will feature Pruitt’s lecture and workshop entitled “No Starving Artists Allowed!” and focus on supporting local artists in sustainable practices.

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