Artist: David Zahn

City/state: Moline, IL

A confluence is a place where one river flows into another. The artist uses this sculpture to show how our lives are much like the river. The base leans to one side, while the figure is leaning in the opposite direction, compensating for this influence. Growth, adaptability, and transition are what this sculpture is about, and, like the river we are ever changing.   David Zahn lives and works in Moline, Illinois.  He creates imaginative sculptures, and is known for his bronze and ceramic pieces. His figure based art works always contain an ambiguous and mysterious element.   Movement is another important aspect of David’s art. He likes to create intriguing juxtapositions of static and flowing forms in his imagery. The sculpture is a lost wax cast bronze sculpture with a corten steel base.

Material: Bronze & Steel 

Dimensions: 3' W x 6.5' H x 1.5' D ft - 350 lbs

Purchase Price: $19,500