Ancient Protocol

Ancient Protocol

Artist: Paul Russell

City/state: Brookfield, IL

Ancient Protocol celebrates creation and perseverance of life.  Giant dragonflies perch on giant tall grass. The dragonflies are made of an assortment of steel grades. The dragonflies are plated using zinc-nickel chromate. The grass has a brass/copper/bronze impregnated paint coating applied with a patina. High quality clear auto paint is the top coat. The artist created this work using the skills of a blacksmith inherited from his great grandfather who came from England in 1907 and set up shop shoeing horses and then moving on to creating tools and hardware. Today the artist teaches sculpture classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago using these methods.

Material: Steel

Dimensions: 9’ W x 12’ H x 8’ D - 1,200 lbs

Purchase Price: $27,000