Achilles Heel

Achilles Heel

Artist: Donald Noon 

City/state: Streator, IL

Sculpture: Achilles Heel 

Achilles Heel portrays a heroic theme in an abstract composition using the formal ideals of sculpture. It represents an ancient struggle between two people where one, by using ingenuity and labor, breaks an almost impenetrable foe. The sculpture references how people from the ancients to the pioneers to the present day work to control the forces of the mighty Mississippi River.  The artist is from Streator, Illinois, where he currently resides and maintains drawing and sculpture fabrication studios. He was formerly employed at the Aurora Caterpillar plant and recently retired, and has chosen to continue working as a sculptor.

Material: Steel Plates

Dimensions: 6' W. x 15' H x 10' D 6,000 lbs