Artist: Andrew Arvanetes 

City/state: DeKalb, IL

Some of this sculpture’s details may refer to the Biblical Ark. The overall design of the sculpture resembles an abstracted boat or ship. Its oxidized finish resembles the rusted hulls of ships, barges, and bridges found on our waterways such as the nearby Mississippi River. The artist says, "My sculptures are object oriented and narrative in nature. I achieve a connection with my audience by utilizing universal visual details. These details combine with the overall form to create the visual aesthetic. Because of my formal approach to fabrication, rational functionality might be expected. On the contrary, the combination of physical scale, personal references and visual details often results in a whimsical and absurd reality.”  Andrew Arvanetes received his BFA and MFA from Northern Illinois University. He has been producing sculpture professionally since 1987.

Material: Professionally Welded Steel

Dimensions: 5' W x 10' H x 5.5' D - 700 lbs

Purchase Price: $12,500