River Palimpsest

River Palimpsest

Artist: V. Skip Willits 

City/state: Camanche, IA

The artist shares that his work is a re-imagined found river buoy from the flooded forest of the Meridoshia.  He has added a text component that contains no commands, no shocking words or statements. Rather, it displays questions about what it means to live next to the Mississippi and questions whether the river boat will sail tonight.  Willits lives and works on the banks of the Mississippi River. He says that he is on the water and in the River forest islands daily and that his works are heavily influenced by this and represent the "Mississippi Magnified.”  The welding technique the artist employs to create most of his work is a skill he learned as a youngster from his father who worked in a welding shop.  

Material: Welded Steel

Dimensions: 3' W x 7' H x 3' D - 200 lbs

Purchase Price: $8,000