Bidding Process/Templates

Where purchases are made under a bid process, the name of vendors submitting quotations and the bid amounts shall be listed and attached with requisition and also with the payment request.

  1. Competitive Bidding Procedures for Equipment, Material and Supplies

    1. Ensuring funding is available for the project and identifying the funding source.
    2. Purchase price less than $3,000 competitive pricing is encouraged.
    3. Purchase price between $3,000 and $25,000 at least three competitive written bids are required.
    4. Purchase price $25,000 or more departments shall utilize a formal Request for Quote (RFQ) process for the competitive pricing of equipment, materials, and supplies.
    5. Use of the City website to solicit bids is encouraged.
  2. Service Bidding Procedures

    1. Determine if the Request for Proposal (RFP) process should be used to solicit proposals (Refer to AP 3.17), including the use of the committee process.
    2. Seek the City Manager or City Council approval to award a contract for services, when required.
  3. Construction Bidding Procedures

    1. Iowa Code Chapter 26 establishes three procedures for bidding public construction:
    2. The Competitive Bidding Process (See AP 3.10)
    3. The Competitive Quotation Process (See AP 3.10)
    4. The Informal Contracting Process (See AP 3.10)
Construction Bidding guidelines