Homebuyer Programs

The City of Dubuque Housing & Community Development Department has several programs to assist income-qualified residents purchase a home.

Finally Home! Homebuyer Education

All individuals participating in City of Dubuque homebuyer programs are required to complete the Finally Home! homebuyer education program.

Finally Home! homebuyer education is the key to successful and sustainable homeownership. It guides buyers through the home-buying process and empowers them to be comfortable with their homeownership choices. Finally Home! graduates:

  • Have lower housing costs
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Avoid common home-buying errors
  • Are more likely to improve their credit

Participants take Finally Home! courses at their own convenience and at their own pace from a tablet, smartphone, and computer. Invest in your future today! 

First-Time Homebuyer Loan Program

This program provides long-term, no-interest (0%), $5,000 loans to help purchase your first home at any location within the City of Dubuque limits.

First-Time Moderate-Income Homebuyer Loan Program

 This program provides long-term, no-interest (0%), $5,000 loans to help purchase your first home if you earn more than 80%, but no more than 100% of area median income.

Dubuque’s True North Homebuyer Program

This program provides long-term, no-interest (0%) loans to help with the downpayment to purchase any property owned by Dubuque’s True North.

Housing Choice Voucher Homebuyer Program

This program is funded by HUD to assist first-time Homebuyers.  It is similar to our rental voucher program, but instead of payments going to a landlord, payments go to your mortgage lender.

Washington Neighborhood Homebuyer Loan Program 

This program provides long-term, no-interest (0%), loans in varying amounts based on household size and annual income to any owner-occupied, single family or duplex home IN THE WASHINGTON NEIGHBORHOOD (11th Street to 32nd Street, Elm to Central).  

Search for Program by Address

See the City’s incentives map to search for available programs by address.

Properties for Sale 

The City of Dubuque has for sale newly renovated homes. There are also properties currently being rehabilitated that will be available for purchase once the renovations are complete.