I Want To Own A Home!


The City of Dubuque Housing and Community Development Department has the following programs available to income qualified citizens.  Please see below to review program details and applications.

1st Time Homebuyer Loan Program

This program provides long-term, no-interest (0%), $5,000 loans to help purchase your first home at any location within the City of Dubuque limits.

1st Time Homebuyer Loan Program and Application

Washington Neighborhood Homebuyer Loan Program 

This program provides long-term, no-interest (0%), loans in varying amounts based on household size and annual income to any owner-occupied, single family or duplex home IN THE WASHINGTON NEIGHBORHOOD (11th Street to 22nd Street, Elm to Central).  

Washington Neighborhood Homebuyer Loan Program, Washington Neighborhood Map and Application

Housing Choice Voucher Homebuyer Program

This program s funded by HUD to assist first-time Homebuyers.  It is similar to our rental voucher program, but instead of payments going to a landlord, payments go to your mortgage lender.

Housing Choice Voucher Homebuyer Program

Officer AT Home - OATH Incentive Program

Under OATH program, any single family owner occupied property located within the Downtown Urban Renewal District will be considered for long-term, no-interest (0%), loans.  The Downtown Urban Renewal District are areas considered good candidates for economic development and improvement.  

OATH Program & Map and Application

**The HOME Workshop is a requirement for all individuals participating in any of the above funding programs.  Click here for more information.  Contact Gina at 563.589.4239 or email to enroll.

Homes for Sale

The City of Dubuque has for sale newly renovated homes at the following locations. For a showing or to purchase the property, please contact the listed Realtor: 

396 W. Locust Street

- Newly rehabilitated single family home - 3 bedrooms, 1 & 1/2 bathrooms.  Purchase price: $145,500; $45,000 available to help purchase.  

1849 Jackson Street

- Newly constructed single family home - 1 bedroom, 1 & 1/2 bathrooms.  Purchase price: $120,000; $25,000 available to help purchase.  

Future Properties For Sale

 - View a flyer with the most recent properties being rehabilitated and available for purchase.

Please call Kris at 563.690.6094 or e-mail with questions.

Community Outreach

We want to hear from you!  What does the community need?  What do YOU need?

100% of our Community Development Block Grant (about $1,000,000 per year), goes to funding what you say is important for our low/moderate income residents and economy.  Let your voice be heard and take our really short survey - click HERE to begin.

If you finish and want to tell us even more, please email at Housing@cityofdubuque.org.

Thanks for your time and input!
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