Ride to Vote

The Jule, Dubuque’s public transportation system, is offering free bus rides for voters this election season. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Jule has suspended fairs until further notice allowing voters to ride to the polls free of charge on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3.

The Jule’s fixed-route service and on-demand service will provide free “Ride to Vote” rides from 7 a.m. until 6:45 p.m. Fixed-route buses will not deviate from regular routes but will provide rides to bus stops within reasonable walking distance of polling places in Dubuque.

Ride to Vote Logo
  • Upon request, transportation services staff will provide information to participants to assist with their navigation from fixed-route stops to polling places. Residents should find their poll location ahead of time.
  • Riders are reminded that face coverings are required while riding The Jule. Other public health measures are also in place for your safety. 

Voters may also utilize The Jule for rides to early in-person voting, or to drop off their absentee ballot. For more information on these forms of voting and other election-related information, visit Dubuque County Elections.

Polling Place Route Closest Stop
Holy Trinity Church - 1700 Lincoln Ave Pink Rhomberg Ave at Whittier
Sacred Heart Church - 2215 Windsor Ave Pink E 22nd St at Windsor
Election Annex - 75 Locust Street Blue Bluff St at 5th St
Fogarty Hall - 790 Rush Street Orange (Day) Blue (Evening) S. Grandview Ave at Bryant St
Westminster Church - 2155 University Ave Organe, Grey University Ave at O'Hagen St
UAW Local 94 Union Hall - 3450 Central Ave Green W 32nd St at Central Ave
Summit Congregational Church - 2885 JFK Road Grey Sunset Park Circle at JFK
Tri-State Blind Society - 1068 Cedar Cross Rd Purple Woodland Ridge at Lake Ridge Dr.
St Peter Lutheran Church - 3200 Asbury Rd Grey Kauffman Ave at Crissy Dr
St. John's Parish House - 1401 Locust Street Blue Loras Blvd at Locust St

If you don't see your polling location, it may be outside The Jule's service area.