Dubuque National Service Partnership

The Dubuque National Service Partnership is accepting nominations for the 2021 National Service Recognition Day Award Ceremony!

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The Dubuque National Service Partnership (DNSP) is a collaborative effort of Corporation for National and Community Service programs in Dubuque, IA, including a variety of Senior Corps and AmeriCorps programs. DNSP exists to promote and foster a culture of service in our community by:

  • Partnering on national days of service which raise awareness about volunteerism in our community and our nation.
  • Sharing training opportunities and information among programs.

  • Matching prospective volunteers and national service members with opportunities to serve, in an effort to meet critical community needs through national service.

Dubuque National Service Partnership Council:
Dubuque National Service Partnership Logo - two hands  representing AmeriCorps and Senior Corps
  1. National Service Recognition Day
  2.  MLK Day of Service
  3. 9/11 Day of Remembrance
On National Service Recognition Day, thousands of local leaders across the country honor AmeriCorps members and Senior Corps volunteers by participating in recognition events, issuing official proclamations, and taking to social media in a nationwide show of appreciation.

This annual initiative takes place the first Tuesday in April, and is led by CNCS, the National League of Cities, the National Association of Counties, and Cities of Service. Mayors and city leaders, county officials, and tribal leaders across the country are using national service more and more to solve their community’s toughest challenges. 

In Dubuque, the DNSP hosts an annual ceremony to recognize National Service in our community through issuing two awards:

Champion of Service Award

The Champion of Service award recognizes individuals or agencies that support National Service programs. This individual/agency will have demonstrated ongoing and sustained involvement with National Service members. Recipients’ who are selected to receive this award will be invited by the Dubuque National Service Partnership (DNSP) to attend the National Service Recognition.

Nominations for the Champion of Service Award are evaluated in the following areas:

  • Nominee has supported members in a positive way.
  • Nominee has been an outspoken advocate for National Service Programs.
  • Nominee has consistently been involved with and/or supported National Service programs over time.        
  • Nominee's support for/involvement with National Service Programs has resulted in a positive outcome for programs.

Impact Award      

The Impact Award recognizes individuals who are alumni or current National Service members whose service have made a significant impact on the site for which they serve/served. The personal impact award is designed to award those National Service members who have demonstrated commitment to volunteerism by helping with special projects or ongoing activities within the agency in which they are/were serving. This person may have demonstrated exemplary leadership, creativity, cooperation and hard work in their service to others. This award can be nominated by the National Service program or the site at which the National Service members serve/served. Recipients’ who are selected to receive this award will be invited by the Dubuque National Service Partnership (DNSP) to attend the National Service Recognition.

Nominations for the Impact Award will be evaluated in the following areas:

  • Member made a significant contribution to a population or organization during their term of service.
  • Member has demonstrated leadership abilities in their work and/or among their peers.
  • Member has demonstrated a spirit of cooperation among groups of people and organizations.
  • Member has displayed exemplary work ethic and commitment to duties.

Why We Recognize

CNCS, America’s leader in volunteering and service efforts, engages approximately 300,000 AmeriCorps members and Senior Corps volunteers in national service at more than 50,000 locations each year. Through partnerships with schools, faith-based groups, non-profits, and local agencies, national service members are embedded within the communities they serve, using their ingenuity and training to make a tangible, lasting impact. Whether responding to natural disasters, tackling the opioid epidemic, educating students for the 21st century workforce, or supporting veterans and military families, AmeriCorps members and Senior Corps volunteers help local leaders strengthen their communities.