AmeriCorps Living Allowance

AmeriCorps Partners in Learning Living Allowances

Contract Size Total amount (9/1/2019 - 8/30/2020) Total amount (9/1/2020 - 8/30/2021)
Full Time (1700 hours) $14,000 TBD
Three Quarter Time (1200 Hours) $9,900 TBD
Half Time (900 Hours) $7,450 TBD
Reduced Half Time (675 Hours) $5,550 TBD
Quarter Time (450 Hours) $3,700 TBD
Minimum Time (300 Hours) $2,470 TBD

AmeriCorps Member earn a living allowance, rather than a salary or hourly wage, in return for their service. The amount an AmeriCorps member is paid does not fluctuate based upon the number of hours that the member serves in a particular pay period. AmeriCorps members will receive a living allowance during their term of service. The living allowance is provided for the cost of living while performing service. All Partners in Learning members are eligible to receive a living allowance after signing the contract and being placed at a site. The living allowance is determined by federal statute and is not based upon or subject to minimum wage laws. Living allowances are subject to all state and federal taxes.

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