OnCorps Timesheet Directions

Logging Into and Logging Out of OnCorps Reports

You can access OnCorps Reports via a custom URL your program director will share with you (http://IA.OnCorpsReports.com). In order to log in to OnCorps Reports, you must select a program year from the drop down box on the right of the page and click the Submit button. Because the data for each program year is stored in a separate database, if you select the wrong program year, your login will not work. If you do not know what your program year is, contact your program director.
OnCorps Reports Main menu screen grab
Once you have selected the program year, the portal for all of the AmeriCorps programs for Iowa for the selected program year will open. All state commission staff, program directors, regional coordinators (where applicable), site supervisors, and members will use the same statewide portal to enter OnCorps Reports.

Find your program in the list of Participating Programs, which is organized alphabetically.

AmeriCorps Partners in Learning has TWO AmeriCorps Grants. Please speak with your Director to confirm which link you should follow to access your timesheets if you are not sure.

Then click on the AmeriCorps Members link under your program to open your login page. If you click on any of the other links for different user types, such as Program Directors or Site Supervisors, your login will not work.
Oncorps program page screenshot with arrows
On the login page, enter your login name and password in the box on the right side of the page and click the Login button.

If you do not know your password, enter your e-mail address in the box below "Forgot your password?" and your login name and password will be e-mailed to you. Make sure you enter in the e-mail address that is associated with your AmeriCorps program. If you do not have a login name and password, please contact your program director.

AmeriCorps Partners in Learning uses the first initial + last name format for usernames.

After you login for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password for security reasons. Please record your new password in a secure location for future entry into the OnCorps Reports system.

OnCorps Reports Instructions

oncorps login page screen shot