Dress Code

AmeriCorps Partners in Learning Dress Code:

AmeriCorps Partners in Learning Members are representatives of their AmeriCorps program, the City of Dubuque, and their service sites at all times while serving. Members are expected to hold a professional appearance while serving. Attire should not be revealing or provocative.

AmeriCorps Members should be able to be identified as such during their term of service.

Below are some of the expectations of the program.

  • Badge: AmeriCorps members are always expected to wear their ID Badges while serving. Badges should be worn on a lanyard or badge clip and the AmeriCorps Logo, your name & photo should be VISIBLE at all times while serving.
  • Tops:  Members will be required to wear their AmeriCorps shirt provided to them at least once a week. Members may also wear shirts designated by their service site. Shirts with profanity or explicit images are strictly prohibited.
  • Bottoms: AmeriCorps Members may wear bottoms that are designated by their service site.
    • Active sites, such as Leisure Services, St Mark Youth Enrichment and the Dubuque Community School District, may allow sportswear and jeans. Jeans with significant holes and shorts that are too short are not appropriate for service.
    • Office/school settings, such as Mentor Dubuque and Carnegie Stout Public Library may require the member to wear dress pants/slacks or nice jeans.
    • Shoes: AmeriCorps Members are prohibited from wearing Flip-Flops due to safety precautions.
    • Hats/Sunglasses: AmeriCorps Members are prohibited from wearing hats and sunglasses indoors.
    • Tattoos/Piercings/Hair Color: AmeriCorps Partners in Learning Program believes in the importance of a member’s individuality, however, each service site may have restrictions on what is allowable by their organization. Explicit tattoos are expected to be covered during service.

Due to the variety of service sites within our program, members are required to adhere to site-specific dress code policies at all times. Please speak directly with your site supervisor about the dress code.

Reviewed & approved: 6/15/2020 HMS

Individual Host Site Dress Codes can be found below:

  1. Carnegie Stout Public Library
  2. Dubuque Community School District
  3. Leisure Services -Multicultural Family Center
  4. Leisure Services Recreation Division
  5. Mentor Dubuque - Hillcrest Family Services
  6. St Mark Youth Enrichment

AmeriCorps Members serving with the Carnegie Stout Public Library (as a service site or with a service project) are required to dress business casual. The following items are prohibited:

  • Jeans (Unless given permission by the site supervisor for certain events.)
  • Shorts (Unless given permission by the site supervisor for certain events.)
    • Dresses must come down to knees.
    • Camies, tank tops, spaghetti straps, strapless tops and/or open back tops may be worn with an article of clothing that will cover the shoulders and/or back.
    • Sleeveless tops/dresses may be worn if they are professional in nature and have a wide shoulder strap (approximately 3 inches wide).
    • No graphic t-shirts with advertising, including sports teams. (The only exception is with an AmeriCorps program polo/tshirt or tshirt provided by the library.)
  • Leggings are appropriate only when warn underneath a business-appropriate loose top or dress that reaches mid-thigh or below.
  • No low cut tops.