Documentation Policies

Time Sheets

Time Sheets are required to be submitted every other Saturday in OnCorps Reports. Site supervisors will approve the member’s hours and the Director also has access to the timesheets for review. Members must complete an average number of hours during the two-week period to keep on track for completion of their commitment of hours.

  • Late Timesheets: AmeriCorps Members are required to submit their timesheets on Saturday, the final day of the pay period. Late timesheets will result in a warning.
  • Corrections: All hours that are submitted will be considered as FINAL. Any requested corrections on submitted timesheets will have to go through a serious consideration process and are not guaranteed approval.
  • See the OnCorps Reports Timesheet Entry walkthrough for more information on how to access timesheets.
Reviewed & approved: 6/15/2020 HMS

Data Collection Tools

Data Collection is a vital part of our AmeriCorps Program. Data should be maintained with accuracy and fidelity at all times. Falsification of information on student logs is grounds for immediate dismissal from the AmeriCorps Program. All Data Collection Tools should be submitted bi-weekly on the Saturday when Timesheets are due.

  • Student Logs: Members should be keeping track of how often they are seeing their student caseload, what interventions they are doing AND if a student misses a session. All this information should be entered into the Student Log  and should be submitted bi-weekly on the Saturday when Timesheets are due.
  • Program Sign-In Sheets & Pre/Post Surveys: AmeriCorps Members will record names of teenaged youth who participate in Teen (MFC & Library) programs, the MultiCultural Family Center's STEP program, and the Hillcrest Family Services Mentor Dubuque program. Teens will take a pre-survey meant to measure their current attitude towards healthy choices and their current connection to their community. Upon completion of the STEP and Mentor Dubuque programs, or at the 80% completion of the teen night programs, Teens will take a post-assessment to measure their current attitude towards healthy choices and their current connection to their community. The Pre and Post assessments for each teen will be compared to determine a change in attitude towards healthy choices and community connection. These assessments will be given to the youth immediately upon sign in and should be stored confidentially until delivered to the Program Director.
Reviewed & approved: 6/15/2020 HMS

Mid Term & End Term Review Policy

All AmeriCorps Partners in Learning service sites receive one Mid Term Evaluation and one End Term Evaluation from the AmeriCorps Director and their Site Supervisor. The AmeriCorps Member will fill out a site evaluation and a self-evaluation. The AmeriCorps Director will also complete an evaluation of the Member. The Site Supervisor will also complete an evaluation of the Member. This Mid Term Evaluation will happen at each site for each Member.  AmeriCorps Members will be required to complete a Self-Evaluation at the end of their service contract.

 If the AmeriCorps Member does not turn in their End of Term Evaluation within 30 days of their final date of service, the program will exit the member ‘for cause’ and the education award will be forfeited; regardless of the contracted hours are met or if the member is eligible for a compelling personal circumstance exit.

Reviewed & approved: 6/15/2020 HMS

Late Paperwork

Any paperwork required by the AmeriCorps Director must be submitted on the due date. If it is due on the 15th, the Director must have the paperwork on or before the 15th. This includes but is not limited to student logs, monthly outcomes, Mid-Term Evaluations, and service project reflections and time sheets in OnCorpsReports. Failure to turn these in after a week of the assigned due date may result in a warning.

Reviewed & approved: 6/15/2020 HMS

Time-Off Request

If members have a scheduled time-off and know they are going to be gone for one or more days of service, they must submit a time off request for approval from the AmeriCorps Director. This is done by emailing the Time Off Request AmeriCorps Director. The member must let their Site Supervisor know immediately when they have submitted the request and upon its approval or denial. Less than a 2-week notice will not guarantee approval. The AmeriCorps Director holds the right to deny time-off requests if a member is significantly behind on their hours.

Reviewed & approved: 6/15/2020 HMS