Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance and Punctuality

  • Regular attendance and punctuality at your placement site and AmeriCorps activities is mandatory. Failure to attend and/or excessive tardiness at the placement site or AmeriCorps activities, such as team meetings, trainings, service projects, etc., are grounds for beginning the termination process as outlined in the Member Service Agreement.
  • With prior approval of the AmeriCorps Director, members may occasionally be excused from team meetings, trainings, or service projects. Members must contact the AmeriCorps Director if they will be tardy or absent from training meetings. These absences may be excused.
  • Members will report to their placement site every day they are expected to be there as pre-determined by the member and site supervisor. Members will contact their site supervisor, in ample time, if the member will be tardy or absent from their site during the member’s scheduled service hours. It is expected that members will be absent from their site only when absolutely unavoidable.
  • An absence of three days due to illness will require a written excuse from a doctor to be admitted back to service. Excessive absences or tardiness will be grounds for beginning the termination process.
  • Should problems occur, host sites have the option of deny a member’s continued service at their site until the situation is reviewed by the AmeriCorps Director, site supervisor and member.
Reviewed & approved: 6/15/2020 HMS