Site Supervisor Resources

Dear Site Supervisors,

Welcome to the AmeriFamily! This handbook has been prepared to assist you, the Site Supervisor, in your important role in our program. It is designed to tell you more about AmeriCorps and answer any questions that you may have regarding the goals and guidelines of AmeriCorps Partners in Learning.

The program is administered by the City of Dubuque, a subgrantee of the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service, which is a grantee of the Corporation for National and Community Service. AmeriCorps engages Americans of all ages and background to meet a community’s critical need. Our current grant focuses on the Every Child | Reads initiative and Teen Engagement.

In 1994, AmeriCorps was launched. Former President Clinton introduced historic legislation in May 1993 to expand opportunities for Americans to serve our county, build up their communities, and earn awards for their own education in return. He later received and signed legislation from the members of Congress implementing the National and Community Service Trust Act on September 21, 1993. Today, our president continues to call Americans to serve. As a Site Supervisor, you are a central part of AmeriCorps, and a vital part of an American tradition.

Thank you for your service to our program!
Heather Satterly, AmeriCorps Director
  1. Heather Satterly

    Heather Satterly

    (she/her/hers) AmeriCorps Director
    Phone: 563.690.6171

Personnel Policies

The AmeriCorps Partners in Learning Program recognizes that many organizations in which members serve already have policies regarding personnel and general office issues. Part of the appeal of the AmeriCorps National Service Program is the ability for Members to serve in
thousands of diverse professional environments. This offers management the flexibility to continue to apply its approved policies, and offers this handbook as a guideline for issues you may not have addressed within your organization. Your existing office policies and guidelines still apply to Partners in Learning Members.

However, the policies in this handbook must also be applied to your AmeriCorps Members. Additionally, AmeriCorps Members are required to follow the policies of the AmeriCorps Program. You can find these policies HERE:

Should you identify any requirements in this handbook that contradict your own, please contact the AmeriCorps Director, Heather Satterly at 563-690-6171. The AmeriCorps National Service Program believes that most programs will be able to serve within existing professional environments and that any additional requirements of AmeriCorps will be minimal and feasibly implemented.

Responsibilities of Site Supervisors & Host Site Organizations

  • Provide opportunities for AmeriCorps Members to perform direct service.
  • Demonstrate an ability to achieve measureable outcomes.
  • Provide Members with an orientation and any school/organization specific training they will need to carry out their assigned tasks. Orient staff about the Member and AmeriCorps and the roles and responsibilities of any Member assigned to their classroom/organization. The AmeriCorps Director is available to offer and facilitate an in-service for teachers and staff.
  • Provide the Member with any resources and tools needed to perform effectively.
  • Provide Members with appropriate mentoring and leadership opportunities that will enhance their professional development.
  • Designate an appropriate supervisor to supervise the Member’s day-to-day performance, as well as, evaluate the Member at mid-term and to approve the Member’s time sheets.
  • Non-duplication. Corporation assistance may not be used to duplicate an activity that is already available in the locality of a organization.
  • Comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act and comply with the requirements for federal grant recipients under Section 5153 through 5158 of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988.
  • Offer services without regard to age, religion, disability, political affiliation, veteran status, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or national origin.
  • Provide a cash match to cover costs associated with the Member’s living stipend.
  • Host sites may not prevent Members from attending Partners in Learning sponsored events, trainings, or service projects.
  • Notify the Program Director of any problems with a Member’s performance, including failure to report to work, unprofessional behavior, etc.
  • Provide in-kind supervision of the AmeriCorps Member assigned to your site. Site Supervisors will submit their supervision hours using a paper time sheet signed by their supervisor.

Providing Supervision & Meaningful Service

AmeriCorps Members must provide an opportunity for direct and meaningful service. We focus on developing our member professionally and personally. Site Supervisors are a big piece of the development of the members! The activities the members provide should allow members to learn about themselves and the work of your organization. Service Sites must provide adequate supervision of the Member in order to facilitate the learning and growth described above. The Site Supervisor will provide information, orientation, guidance, and support necessary to contribute to their programs and to experience personal and professional growth.

Duties that can be assigned to AmeriCorps Members could include:
  • Supplementary reading instruction in grades K-3
  • Tier 2 assistance for at least 15-30 minutes per session
  • One to one instruction to struggling readers
  • Pull out students in small groups or one on one
  • Push in the classroom to provide extra literacy support
  • Mentor and role model for students
  • Before/after school homework help, story-times or reading clubs
  • Circulate around the room to help struggling students in the classroom

Contributing In-Kind Hours

Site Supervisors must also keep track of their own hours they put in while wearing their Site Supervisor “hat” on a monthly timesheet that will be submitted to the Program Director at the end of each month. In-Kind hours are significantly important in regards to our AmeriCorps Grant Funding. Therefore, Site Supervisors must keep track of the hours when they are:
  • Meeting and/or training with a member
  • Meeting with a teacher/staff about the member
  • Approving the member’s hours
  • Calculating your own in-kind hours
  • Meeting, phone calls or emails with the AmeriCorps Program Director
  • Filling out Mid Term and End Term Reviews
  • Data collection or analysis of member’s students

Related Documentation

Monitoring AmeriCorps Member Service Hours

One extremely important role of the Site Supervisor is to monitor the number of hours a Member has served, as well as what they spent those hours doing, in order to verify that member’s eligibility for the education award.

Site Supervisors must validate Member’s time sheets in when Members submit them bi-weekly, every other Saturday.

Members timesheets must be approved by their supervisors by the following Tuesday. Timesheet concerns must be brought to the attention of the Program Director and the member to ensure that resolution is quick and timely.

A link to can be found on the sidebar of this page. You can also download instructions for in the Related Documents Section.

Related Documentation Directions

Member Contracts

At the beginning of the service period, each Member signs a service agreement that sets out the terms of his/her participation in AmeriCorps. There are many items to be covered in this agreement, such as the minimum hours, start and end dates of service period, acceptable conduct, prohibited activities and other terms of service.

Training & Orientation

At the beginning of a term of service, the Partners in Learning Program Director will provide an orientation for all Members. This orientation will be designed to enhance Member security and sensitivity to your community and service site. It will cover topics including member rights and responsibilities, prohibited activities, effective communication, and disaster response. Members will receive on-going training through-out their term of service to ensure that their experience is meaningful and impactful to both the member and the service site.


All information regarding the AmeriCorps Member must be kept confidential. Members also sign a Confidentiality Agreement, stating that they will keep in confidence any interaction or situation experienced at their site.

Drug Free Workplace

All AmeriCorps sites must comply with Drug Free Workplace Act. While the Partners in Learning Program Director will implement and monitor this program, site supervisors should be aware of its implications for their daily operations.

AmeriCorps Signs

All Service Sites are required to post an AmeriCorps sign in their offices or facilities. It should be within the vicinity of wherever your Member is located, so your staff and service community can identify the Member’s participation in AmeriCorps.

National Service Days

Throughout the year, the State of Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service organizes several national days of service for AmeriCorps Members. The Program Director will notify Members of these days. This community service will count as normal service hours but must be documented separately on the time sheet.


All members should be encouraged to register to vote during their term of service, and service sites should allow them time to register to vote during their service hours if necessary. However, sites cannot require members to register or to vote. Service sites cannot attempt to influence how a member votes.

Jury Duty

Members should be encouraged to serve jury duty and must not be penalized for doing so. During the time AmeriCorps members serve as jurors, they should continue to receive credit for their normal service hours. Also, they may keep any reimbursements for incidental expenses received from the court.