New Member On-Boarding


Congratulations on your offer of service with the City of Dubuque AmeriCorps Program! It is a prestigious honor to serve with AmeriCorps. You will join the ranks of over 1 million AmeriCorps Members and over 800 APIL alumni who have served our community and country! An AmeriCorps placement is a big commitment. There are several things that we must accomplish prior to your start date. This site will help you ensure that everything is complete in time to begin your AmeriCorps contract as detailed in your offer letter!

  1. Pre-Boarding:
    • This section is to help ensure that all documents that need to be completed prior to your start date have been completed, finalized and documented by your Program Director. Since AmeriCorps is a federal program, there are a lot of nuances that need to be completed prior to your official enrollment. Your Program Staff, Heather and Sarah, will help ensure that everything is complete in time to start.
  2. On-Boarding
    • This section is to help you as you begin your AmeriCorps Service Contract. Much of your initial orientation will take place with your program staff on your first day and in your first week. Some of the training will be completed directly with Heather and/or Sarah, as well as some will be completed in a virtual setting at your own pace. You will complete AmeriCorps orientation prior to beginning orientation at your service site. 
  3. Take-Off
    • This section is your opportunity to "take off" in your new roll! You will get to meet with your Site Supervisor and begin your orientation with your service site to learn about your new roll and the impacts you will have on your community. It takes time to learn all of this, so don't be surprised if you feel like "take off" feels a little longer than you're used to.
  4. Your AmeriCorps Journey
    • This section is to help you begin your AmeriCorps Service journey. Your journey will consists of smooth sailing on some days, followed by turbulence on other days. This is a normal and natural part of AmeriCorps service. You have a great support system in your Program Staff and Site Staff to help you make the most out of your experiences!
  5. Journey's End
    • All AmeriCorps contracts come to an end! This section is to help you make sure that landing is smooth and that you're able to transition to your next journey with ease!

Welcome to the AmeriFamily!

Dear new member,

Welcome to the AmeriCorps Partners in Learning family! We use the term “AmeriFamily” because that is what we feel truly represents what AmeriCorps is. AmeriCorps Members are the best people that we have ever met. As members and alumni, we are held together by the desire to do good within our community. As a new AmeriCorps Member, you are joining a network of over 800 alumni who have served with the City of Dubuque AmeriCorps Program and over 1 million AmeriCorps Members nationwide.

Our AmeriCorps Program is administered by the City of Dubuque, a sub-grantee of the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service, which is a grantee of the Corporation for National and Community Service. AmeriCorps engages Americans of all ages and background to meet a community’s critical need. Our current grant focuses on the Campaign for Grade Level Reading and building Community Engagement with Teens.

This page is designed to tell you more about AmeriCorps and answer many questions you may have regarding the goals and guidelines of the City of Dubuque's Program. If at any time, you have a question that cannot be answered by this handbook or your Member Service Agreement, please do not hesitate to contact the AmeriCorps Office. As AmeriCorps Alums, Sarah and I continue to feel the need and desire to serve, and we are here to serve you.

We look forward to an amazing year and we are so happy to have you as part of the family.

Thank you for your service,
Heather Satterly, Director
Sarah Berna, Coordinator

Your Commitment

As an AmeriCorps Member, you are expected to adhere to the AmeriCorps pledge. Not only during your term of service, but hopefully continuing serving in your community in the years ahead.

I will get things done for America - to make our people safer, smarter, and healthier.

I will bring Americans together to strengthen our communities.

Faced with apathy, I will take action.

Faced with conflict, I will seek common ground.

Faced with adversity, I will perservere.

I will carry this commitment with me this year and beyond.

I am an AmeriCorps Member, and I will get things done.

The AmeriCorps Pledge