So you've completed your background checks, your My.AmeriCorps.Gov Enrollment Form, and your Tax Packets! Now what?

AmeriCorps Orientation!!

AmeriCorps Orientation takes place on your first official day as an AmeriCorps Member. This is where you will review and sign your member service agreement with your AmeriCorps Program Staff- Heather or Sarah.

Orientation will consist of the following items:

  1. 1. Member Service Agreement
  2. 2. Member Roles & Responsibilities
  3. 3. Program Roles & Responsibilities
  4. Google Classroom Modules (To be completed during first week of service)

The most important part to AmeriCorps Orientation is reviewing and signing your Member Service Agreement.

The Member Service Agreement is your contract between yourself and the City of Dubuque AmeriCorps Program, which delineate the terms, conditions, and rules of AmeriCorps Membership.

The following areas are outlined in the Member Service Agreement:

  1. Terms of Service
    • Start & End Dates
    • Contract Size
    • Number of Weeks of Service
  2. Benefits
  3. Position Description
  4. Prohibited Activities
  5. Rules of Conduct
  6. Non-duplication and Non-displacement: 45 CFR § 2540.100(e)-(f)
  7. Release from Term of Service
    • Cause
    • Compelling Personal Circumstance
    • Suspension
  8. Informed Consent
  9. Technology and Equipment Policy
  10. Civil Rights & Non-Harassment Policy
  11. Reasonable Accommodations Policy
  12. Grievance Procedures
  13. Drug-Free Workplace Policy