Information for Employers with Essential Workers

Local officials need to quickly identify businesses with “essential employees” as defined by the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) in Phase 1B - Tier 2, who are prioritized for vaccination. Please complete the Employer Response Form as soon as possible. It will organize the process and accelerate the vaccination of your essential employees.

COVID-19 Vaccination Employer Response Form

If you haven't already, please complete the employer response form as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are “essential workers”?

 At the outset of the pandemic, the Federal Government outlined those workers or employees from a range of operations and services in U.S. industries considered essential to ensure the continued critical functioning of the nation. Those workers/employees have had special status as it relates to remaining on job sites even during lockdowns or community restrictions. In addition, those workers/employees have been prioritized for early immunization for COVID-19, including in Iowa. One purpose of this communication is to identify these essential workers, where they are employed and accelerate efforts to get them vaccinated. For the vaccination phase currently being planned for, 1B - Tier 2, essential workers eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine include frontline essential workers in food, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors who live or work in non-social distanced settings. Other essential workers will be eligible in Phase 1C.

What about workers or employees who are not considered “essential workers” under the Federal and State definitions?

While this initial effort is focused on a defined group of “essential workers”, having more information about the location of all employees and the desires of the employer for their vaccination will improve the process for everyone. The speed at which the Dubuque County Incident Management Team (IMT) can reach non-essential workers will rely heavily on the speed with which the Federal and State governments release sufficient vaccines to Dubuque County. As we move through subsequent phases, employees may fall into other categories that will make them eligible for vaccination.

What is a "central vaccination site" and where is it located?

Dubuque County is arranging for centralized locations of Point of Distributions (PODs) where multiple medical providers can provide COVID-19 vaccinations. The first site is at the northeast corner of the Kennedy Mall in Dubuque. The clinic will operate as a joint vaccination site for multiple local healthcare providers who will offer their patients COVID vaccinations at the site by appointment only. Appointments will be required for all COVID vaccinations. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Additional sites are anticipated to be announced in the future.

COVID-19 Business Helpline

If you have any questions, please call the COVID19 business helpline at 563.588.3350 or email