Equitable Poverty Reduction & Prevention Plan

The Equitable Poverty Reduction & Prevention Plan addresses the determinates of poverty within our city and society to reduce, alleviate, and, ultimately, prevent poverty in our community.


In 2018, the Dubuque City Council identified the design and implementation of an Equitable Poverty Prevention Plan as a top priority in the upcoming policy agenda. In 2019, a consultant assisted in the development of the plan and has been working with a core group of City staff and, importantly, a larger project steering committee drawn from community agencies and non-profits working with people in poverty. On January 11, 2021, the consultant and Planning Services Department presented the plan to the City Council. Watch a recording of this work session.

On March 1, 2021, the City Council formally adopted the Equitable Poverty Reduction & Prevention Plan.

  • The Executive Summary outlines the plan and is available for download (8 pages, 0.6 MB PDF).
  • The full plan is also available for download (245 pages, 8.8 MB PDF).

The plan’s implementation will further engage residents and collaborate with members of the community, businesses, business organizations, financial institutions, anchor institutions, government, non-profits, philanthropists, faith and school leaders, and community members who are living with or have lived with the stresses of poverty. The process will continue to examine existing programs for success over time by analyzing data and identifying trends and best practices through an equity lens with creation of annual performance measurements to track progress toward the desired outcomes in five years.

8 Determinants of Poverty

A matrix of service providers working to reduce and prevent poverty in Dubuque was developed and is available for download.

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