Artist: Tim Adams

City/State: Webster City, IA

About the Work and the Artist: Tim Adams is a 1985 Landscape Architecture graduate of Iowa State University and is a Registered Professional Landscape Architect. Tim owns Stony Creek Landscapes, Inc., Webster City, Iowa, a full- service landscape design/build firm. Tim is a lifelong student of the arts. His career has been built around creating and installing "One Off" sculptures and designs for gardens, entry features, parks, churches, municipalities, and schools. Tim's primary medium is weathered steel, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic sheet/Lexan, and native limestone.

All rocks are connected in a cycle of creation, change, and destruction called the Rock Cycle. The rock cycle begins with molten rock (magma below ground, lava above ground), which cools and hardens to form igneous rock. Exposure to weathering and erosional forces, break the original rock into smaller pieces. The smaller material (now called sediment) is carried away by rivers, wind, glaciers, and other means and is eventually deposited elsewhere. These sediments can then be buried and lithified (hardened), forming sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rock can be deeply buried, subjected to heat and pressure, which over time, cause it to change its structure into a new rock, a metamorphic rock. Metamorphism is a big word meaning change. Eventually, these metamorphic rocks may be heated to the point where they again melt into magma. Center piece moves / spins in the wind.

Materials: Black and stainless steel, native stones.

Dimensions: 3'W x 5'H x 3'D

Purchase Price: $2,500