Tipper Cart FAQs

Do I need to use a city-issued cart? 

Yes, over the next year, all City customers will be required to use a city-issued cart to assist public works staff with safe trash collection. A customer must subscribe to at least a 35-gallon cart, but also has the option to choose a 48, 64, or 96-gallon cart.

Do I need to buy the cart? 

No. The cart is free. The monthly curbside collection fee for each cart size are listed on the refuse collection page.

Will my monthly utility bill go up?

If you currently subscribe to basic service (one 35-gallon can or bag) the 35-gallon cart is the same price. If you need to increase your capacity to a larger cart, three more cart sizes are available.  Pricing is available on the refuse collection page.

How will I get my cart? 

A limited number of carts are available now, if you wish to begin using one. Call 563-589-4250 to request a cart. Otherwise, carts will be delivered to customers who do not yet have a cart. Watch for further communication from the City for a more detailed timeline. 

What are the dimensions of the carts? 

The dimensions of each cart is listed in the table on the refuse collection page.

What should I do with my old garbage can? 

Residents are encouraged to repurpose their old garbage cans whenever possible. Possible uses include storage for yard and garden equipment, compost, rainwater collection, storage for pet supplies, sports equipment, or firewood. Crews will dispose of your can at no charge if you set it out on your normal collection day mark it “TAKE.”

Can I keep my yellow recycling bin(s)?

Yes. Only trash carts are being standardized. If you wish to increase your recycling capacity, you can call 563-589-4250 to receive a 96-gallon recycling cart at no charge.

Do I need to use a garbage bag inside the cart? 

Liners are not required in the cart, but throwing loose trash into the carts is highly discouraged.  Loose trash can blow around and leads to litter.  All trash placed in the cart must be bagged.

How do I set out the cart for collection? 

Tips for proper cart setout:

  • Allow two feet of space around the cart(s) and away from overhanging tree branches. 
  • Do not place containers near parked cars, basketball hoops, fire hydrants, light poles, or under trees. 
  • When snow is present, place them in a clear, flat area.
  • Arrow on lid should point toward the street.

Call 563-589-4250 for any questions regarding trash and recycling.