Contractor Resources

The City of Dubuque provides resources and connects local contractors to resources and training opportunities to help them become more competitive in bidding contracts. By fostering a strong relationship with our contractors, we are building a mutually beneficial partnership that promotes economic growth and enhances the quality of life for our residents. We prioritize working with minority-owned and women-owned contractors to promote equity and inclusion in our local economy.

Contractor Licensing

Permitting Information

Bidding City Jobs

Contractors who wish to work for the City of Dubuque must comply with our procurement policies and procedures, which prioritize transparency, fairness, and competition in the bidding process. They must also adhere to our safety and quality standards and provide proof of approriate licenses and insurance coverage. We encourage contractors to stay up-to-date with our current projects by signing up for Notify Me! to receive text and/or e-mail alerts when City projects are available.

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