Water Treatment & Distribution

Dubuque Water Department

The Dubuque Water Department is dedicated to producing and delivering drinking water that is in compliance with all state and federal drinking water standards. We continually strive to adopt new and better methods of delivering the best quality drinking water.

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Water Source

Dubuque’s water comes from a series of wells that pull water from underground aquifers. Our water is partially supplied by the Jordan Aquifer (also known as the Cambrian-Ordovician Aquifer) and we also draw from the Mt. Simon Aquifer and Alluvial Aquifer. Of the nine wells Dubuque currently uses for our city water supply, there are four deep wells (1,000 ft.-1800 ft.), two that draw from the Jordan and two from the Mt. Simon Aquifer. We also use five shallow wells (200 ft.) which draw from the Alluvial Aquifers.

Water Distribution

The City of Dubuque’s distribution system is composed of 330.4 miles of water mains ranging from 4-inch to 30-inch diameter, 8,008 control valves, and 2,606 fire hydrants throughout the city. It is our goal to operate and maintain a water distribution system consistent with established procedures recognized by the American Water Works Association for efficient management practices. 

Current Projects

Orchard Drive Water Main Replacement 

Location: Residents on Orchard Drive, Jonathan Lane, Delicia Drive, and Cider Ridge

Estimated Schedule: Construction is expected to begin the week of August 23-27 and be completed by early November.

Impact: The project contractor will use door hanger flyers to notify customers 24 hours in advance of water service disruptions. After the new water main is installed, customers should experience fewer water service disruptions and fewer street repairs due water main breaks.

Additional Project Information