Meter Enforcement

Parking meters are enforced Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. except for City holidays.  

City holidays include New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s birthday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day following, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.

Citywide Parking Ordinance Enforcement

A staff position is assigned to the City’s Parking Division to enforce parking ordinances outside Dubuque’s downtown metered parking district. The position also assists with enforcement of the City’s snow route parking policy when it is activated.

This initiative does not replace parking enforcement efforts by the police department. Parking complaints should still be directed to the Police Department at 563.589.4415.

Some of the main parking ordinances that will see citywide enforcement include:

  • Parking on the wrong side of a street (enforcement will focus on more heavily traveled streets, however, it will not be limited to those streets)
  • Parking on a sidewalk
  • Residential parking districts
  • Parking in front of a public or private driveway
  • Parking within five feet of a fire hydrant
  • Fire lane violations
  • Parking within 10 feet of a stop sign or traffic light
  • Public safety parking violations

Enforcement efforts will also focus on City-wide disabled parking compliance on both public and private properties.


Fines from these violations range from $15 to $200.Almost all City of Dubuque parking violations carry an initial fine of $15 and increase to $20 if not paid within 30 calendar days.

Exceptions include:

ViolationInitial FineFine after 30 Days
Expired parking meter$10$15
Fire lane / fire hydrant$50$50
Disabled parking$200$200
City's snow route restricted parking policy$30$35


The City accepts VISA, Mastercard, and Discover in addition to cash and checks. 

Parking Ordinances

View a complete description of the City’s parking ordinances, title 9 chapter 14 of the Dubuque City Code.