Welcome to the official Dubuque Police Department website. The Dubuque Police Department dedicates itself to the highest standards of excellence in professional law enforcement. The department is committed to providing a comprehensive program of education and enforcement services. 

Our goal: to create a safe and secure environment for the citizens we serve. As an accredited agency from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, the Dubuque Police Department recognizes the fundamental value of human life and dignity. We are committed to providing community service and protection by embracing and empowering the following principles.

As you visit our website you are invited to contact us with any questions or comments. We hope you find the information helpful and instructive.

Chief Jeremy Jensen

Jeremy Jensen


Act with integrity. The authority vested in us demands we act impartially, honestly, fairly, and courageously, adhering to legal rules and ethical standards. 

Act with compassion. We believe that each person is entitled to our respect and sensitivity. We resolve to maintain our ability to feel empathy and to seek understanding and acceptance for everyone. 

Act with competence. As law enforcement professionals we strive for the highest standards of effectiveness, efficiency, accuracy, and objectivity. It is our goal to actively seek out and respond to those situations where legal authority is potentially needed or where immediate action is required. 

Act with open minds. Through listening, learning, growth, we always seek enhancement and cooperation with others who serve the community. Through partnerships we seek to provide a comprehensive approach for effective law enforcement. Each member of the Dubuque Police Department makes an important contribution to our success. Respect for each other and ourselves provides the unity to enable us to improve community livability. 

Equity and Inclusion Liaison

The Chief of Police is an appointed Equity and Inclusion Liaison to the City Manager, as is the Chief of Equity & Human Rights.

As liaisons, these individuals serve as a point of contact providing safe support for underrepresented community members who have questions and concerns about equity and inclusion in local government.  The liaisons are available to all underrepresented communities, including racial and ethnic minority communities, the LGBTQ community, and immigrants and refugees.  The goal of these liaisons is to foster relationships of mutual trust and confidence in fair and professional governance, and to elevate concerns to the City Manager and/or other city officials.

Community members are invited to visit with either of the liaisons about any concerns facing them or someone they know. Contact information for the liaisons is below:

Jeremy Jensen, Chief of Police

Gisella Aitken-Shadle, Chief of Equity & Human Rights

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    Chief of Police

    770 Iowa St., Dubuque, IA 52001
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    TDD/TTY: 911
    Fax: 563.589.4497

    Emergency: 911

    Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    24 hour emergency service