Swim Passes


Season swim passes are now Individual photo ID cards.  New pass purchases require everyone getting a pass to go to the Leisure Services Department, 2200 Bunker Hill Road, to have a photo taken and ID card printed.  RENEWALS may be paid for online (www.cityofdubuuqe.org/recreation; choose registration link; choose Membership), by mail or in person at the Leisure Services Department.  These passes will admit individuals during the period of May 27, 2017 through the winter/spring season of 2018.  Click here for application information.

Tentative 2017 Summer Opening Date for Flora and Sutton is May 27, 2017! See individual pool pages for hours.

Household pass: $135 per household, and $162 for nonresident; plus $6 per person above six persons
       *Once a household pass is purchased, household members may come in separately to get a picture taken.
Youth pass:
$50, and $60 for nonresident
Adult pass: $85, and $102 nonresident
Low income passes are available to city residents; must present valid documents to obtain discount.
Replacement fee: $5 per card, once issued a new card, the old card is deactivated.

A household is defined as up to 6 members and/or dependents RESIDING within the same household and are regulated to the following:
1. A household must include at least 1 adult with a maximum of 2 adults.
2. A youth or "child" is defined as through age 17.
3. College aged dependents are considered as a household adult.
4. For any household over 6 persons, additional fees apply per additional person.
5. Foreign exchange students and foster care children are considered as members.
6. Sitters, caretakers and guardians are considered as a household "adult" regardless of age.

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