Application Process & Eligibility

Applicant Eligibility
This is for the owner-occupant of single-family, duplex or three-unit property. HUD income-eligible (80% of median family income). Qualified non-profit organizations providing residential facilities to HUD income-eligible tenants.

Application Period
Applications will be accepted until all funds are committed.

Review Process
All applications must include required information on income, specific work proposed and at least two estimates received form full-time contractors licensed and insured by the State of Iowa. Homeowners may do the work themselves; written quotes on costs of materials must be provided. Labor by homeowners is not covered. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Assistance with the design review portion of the application is available during regular business hours by appointment at the Planning Services Department, 50 W. 13th Street, Dubuque, Iowa (City Hall).

A grant review committee of City staff will review eligible applications, and then make recommendations relative to compliance with City Housing, Building and Historic Preservation Codes, and with Section 106 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

The Historic Preservation Commission will review the grant application, the proposed work, and the committee's recommendations.The Historic Preservation Commission must approve a Certificate of Appropriateness for all proposed work prior to issuance of permits or awards of grants.

All applicable City review and permits must be completed; e.g., building permits, before any work begins. Work begun prior to obtaining a required permit, review or approval will not be eligible for grant assistance.

Applications will be accepted at the:

Housing and Community Development Department
Suite 312
350 W. 6th Street
Dubuque, IA  52001