Yesterday and Today

Eagle Point Treatment Plant
Construction of the present Eagle Point Treatment Plant began in 1922. Initial improvements included sand filters and large centrifugal pumps. From 1924 to 1946, four new deep wells were built and three more distribution pumps were installed. In the middle 1950s, a 12 MGD lime softening plant was built and four alluvial wells were drilled in a peninsula of the Mississippi River.

A major improvement project, completed in 1978 added sludge dewatering facilities and increased the treatment plant's capacity to 20 MGD. When the City Waterworks became municipal property in 1900, the City acquired 44 miles of water mains, 340 fire hydrants, 340 gate valves and 1,854 water taps. In 2007, the City owned 312.94 miles of water main (4 to 30 inches in diameter), 2,780 fire hydrants, 5,569 control valves and over 21,300 service connections.

The demand for City water is ever increasing. To meet that demand the City of Dubuque Water Division continues to implement the training and technology that will supply the community's water needs well into the 21st Century.