Leaks Add Up Quickly
Even with a small leak, water consumption adds up quickly. It seems amazing that a half-gallon per minute leak will add up to 21,600 gallons of water used in a 30-day time period. Drippy faucets should be fixed as soon as they start.

These leaks will never get better on their own and can waste a lot of water, and can end up costing the property owner a lot of money.

View a chart showing waste based on size of leak


It is important to note that regular toilet tank maintenance can help prevent leaks. The rubber flapper that lets water from the tank enter the bowl is a common problem. The rubber flapper should be replaced every two to three years. Always replace parts with high-quality parts. The filler valve assembly should last several years depending upon the quality.

Detecting Water Leaks
Get some tips on checking for leaks in your home.
Detecting Water Leaks